Ka Ang waterfall

Ka Ang waterfall

Ka Ang waterfall

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Ka Ang waterfall is located at Amphoe Baan Na, Tumbol Sri Ka Ang, Nakhon Nayok. It was called Ngu Jong Ang waterfall because there was a lot of Jong Ang snakes which frightened the local people.
But when the road was built, it became easier to get there so its name was changed to Ka Ang waterfall. It’s a small size waterfall surrounded by rock beach, which water flows through the cracks of the stones, and forest.
Rainy season is the best season to visit (around September-October) with fresh environment and nice weather suitable for relaxing.  During the dry season, the amount of water will decrease and there are not much of facilities provided. 
Since Ka Ang waterfall hasn’t been destroyed so much, it became another popular attraction during holidays. Not far from the waterfall, there is a plant seedling station of Royal Forest Department and Sri Ka Ang temple, which has a Buddha image in the attitude of mediation made from bricks where visitors can worship.
But the road to Sri Ka Ang temple is very rough so it would be safer walking there. By visiting this waterfall, visitors will enjoy a scenic view and also can worship the Buddha image the temple too.
Ka Ang waterfall Map Ka Ang waterfall Map
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