Siam Cultural Park

Siam Cultural Park

Siam Cultural Park

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Siam Cultural Park Located on Phetkasem Road, Wang Yen Subdistrict, Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi, the Siam Cultural Park has an area of about 18 acres with shady trees along the paths in the park.
It was born out of the intention and the ideas of the founders who had backgrounds and over 40 years of experience in making Buddha images and sculptures.
This experience inspired them to create realistic wax figures of monks staying in Kutis, and successful significant people whose attitudes towards work and life were praised.
They also wanted to create waxworks showing regional Thai culture and lifestyle. They, therefore, established the Siam Cultural Park, which is divided into six following exhibition zones:
1. Hall of Fame  With organised exhibits, it displays wax sculptures of both Thai and foreign important figures, e.g. Mom Luang Pin Malakul, an important Thai educator; Sanya Dharmasakti, a Thai jurist; Puey Ungpakorn, a Thai economist who played a major role in shaping Thailand’s economic policy; Montri Tramote, a Thai musician who preserved traditional Thai music; Seub Nakhasathien, a Thai conservationist who sacrificed himself to protect his beloved forest; Mother Teresa, one of the world’s most benevolent figures; President Ho Chi Minh, a great Vietnamese hero who liberated Vietnam; Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, Chinese revolutionists and leaders; etc.    
2. Terrace of Buddha images of Three Periods Set among the natural beauty of a garden, this is where massive Buddha statues of Sukhothai Period, Ayutthaya Period and Chiang Saen Period are hosted with signs giving information about the main characteristics of each of the Buddha images. 
3. Jataka Cave After leaving the Terrace of Buddha Images of Three Periods, you will see a man-made waterfall and the Jataka Cave, which houses wax statues illustrating the Vessantara Jataka, the tales of the Lord Buddha’s tenth life, in the story’s chronological order with light and sound effects.
You will find waxworks exhibiting, for instance, the scene in which Jujaka asked Vessantara for his two children and also the scene in which Jujaka died as a result of overstuffing himself. 
4. Monastic Cells From Four Regions Housed in each living quarter of monks are realistic wax figures of well-known monks respected by Thai people. A recorded voice is also provided so as to give visitors some information about the monks. The four monastic cells include:
1. Monastic cell in the Central Region with waxworks of Somdet Phra Phuttachan (To Phromrangsi) and one of the former Supreme Patriarchs 
2. Monastic cell in Northern Thailand with waxworks of Kruba Srivichai Siriwichayo of Wat Ban Pang, Li District, Lamphun and Luang Pu Waen Suchinno of Wat Doi Mae Pang, Phrao District, Chiang Mai.
3. Monastic cell in North Eastern Thailand with waxworks of Phra Achan Man Phurithatto of Wat Pa Sutthawat, Sakon Nakhon and Luang Pu Rian Woralapho, Wat Aranya Banphot, Sri Chiang Mai District, Nong Khai
4. Monastic cell in Southern Thailand with waxworks of Phra Ratcha Muni Samiram Khunupamachan (Luang Pu Thuat) of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani and Phra Khru Wisai Sophon (Phra Achan Thim Thammatharo) of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani
5. Chanting Hall
It features waxworks displaying monks that gather together including:
1. Luang Pho Ngoen Phutthachot of Wat Bang Khlan, Pichit.
2. Luang Pho Thong Kham (Phra Maha Metta Wirakhun) of Wat Bueng Ba, Pathum Thani.
3. Luang Pu Supha Kantasilo of Wat Silasuparam, Phuket.
4. Luang Pu Tim Isariko of Wat Rahan Rai, Rayong.
5. Luang Pu Kham Phan Khosapanyo of Wat That Maha Chai, Nakhon Phanom.
6.Thai Style Houses of Four Regions.
It exhibits traditional Thai houses of Thailand’s four major regions including the Northern, the Central, the North Eastern and the Southern Regions. These houses possess waxworks displaying traditional Thai lifestyle of people in the four regions.
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