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Slogans of 77 Provinces of Thailand

Slogans of 77 Provinces of Thailand

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Slogans of 77 Provinces of Thailand It is a motto that each province in Thailand composes. Its purpose is to indicate uniqueness. pride And the distinctiveness that exists in that province is often a short rhyme for easy recognition. and in addition to the provincial slogan At present, local slogans are also written in sub-sections, such as district slogans.
Provincial slogan Divided by region as follows:
1. Chiang Mai Province Slogan: Doi Suthep is Sri tradition is dignified Blooms are beautiful to the eye. precious name Nakornping.
2. Chiang Rai Province Slogan: Northernmost in Siam border of three lands Lanna culture Precious Phra That Doi Tung.
3. Mae Hong Son Province Slogan: Three seasons fog, sky-scoring moo, verdant forest, good people, beautiful traditions, famous Bua Tong area.
4. Phrae Province Slogan: Teak Hom Pot, Land of Love Phra Law, Cho Hae Sri Muang famous goat ghost town This phrae is beautiful.
5. Phetchabun Province Slogan: Sweet Tamarind City Nam Nao Park Si Thep Old Town Khao Kho Memorial Nakhon Pho Khun Pha Mueang.
6. Nakhon Sawan Province Slogan: City of Four Kwai, Dragon Procession, Rest Bueng Boraphet Fish.
7. Lamphun Province Slogan: Phra That Distinctive, Phra Rod Klang, Famous Longan, Good Garlic, Beautiful Traditions, Chamadevi Srihariphunchai.
8. Nan Province Slogan: Famous Boat Race black ivory city Painting of Wat Phumin golden orange land Ruangrong Phra That Chae Haeng
9. Lampang Province Slogan: famous coal, famous horse carriage, famous pottery Beautiful Phra That Lue Klai Training elephants to use the world.
10. Phayao Province Slogan: Kwan Phayao, the source of life Holy King Ton Luang Worshiping King Ngam Muang The famous beauty of Doi Topaz.
11. Uttaradit Province Slogan: Famous Nam Phi Iron Sweet Langsat House of Phraya Phichai Dab Hak Great place of the world.
12. Tak Province Slogan: Nature Naol Bhumibol Khuean Yai God Tak Kriengkrai wooden city and beautiful forest.
13. Kamphaeng Phet Province Slogan: Amulet collection, City of Strong people, large laterite, sweet egg bananas, buffalo oil. famed world heritage.
14. Phichit Province Slogan: Birthplace of King Tiger long boat race Good amulet, Luang Pho Ngein enjoy the color lake Luang Pho Phet Center Ta Khoi orange flavor Famously delicious rice Legend of Chalawan.
15. Phitsanulok Province Slogan: Phra Phuttha Chinnarat Ngam Lert Birthplace of King Naresuan Both sides of Nan are all houseboats. Sweet and Juicy Real Dried Banana Spectacular caves and waterfalls.
16. Sukhothai  Province Slogan: World Heritage Site The origin of the Thai pattern Play the Loi Krathong maintain Buddhism Ngam Ta Tin Jok cloth Ancient Sangkhalok Thong Worshiping Mother, Grandmother, Father Khun happy dawn.
17. Uthai Thani Province Slogan: Uthai Thani, City of Phra Chanok Chakri, Dee Rhino fish, Devo tradition, Pomelo Ban Nam Tok Huai Kha Khaeng World Heritage Site Sakae Krang Watershed Ko Krabue flea market.
18. Amnat Charoen Province Slogan: Phra Mongkhon Ming Mueang The prosperous source of the seven river basins beautiful holy cave Thep Nimit Phra Lao Beautiful Kaeng Khao Island Precious with silk The people are faithful to the Dharma.
19. Buriram Province Slogan: Stone castle town, volcano site, beautiful silk, rich culture.
20. Chaiyaphum Province Slogan: Chaiyaphum, the city of brave, Phaya Lae, beautiful scenery, rich forests, many elephants, beautiful flowers, famous heroes, super silk, Big Buddha Dvaravati.
21. Kalasin Province Slogan: Luang Pho Ong Dam Lueang Fa Daet Song Yang City Pong Lang Excellent Phu Tai culture, Praewa silk, Pha Sawoey Phu Phan, Lampao River, million-year-old dinosaurs.
22. Khon Kaen Province Slogan: Phra That Kham Kaen Candok Coon sound silk center join together Travel to Khon Kaen, Nakhon Yai Sirindhorn's Dinosaur Cool, first gold medal in Olympic boxing.
23. Loei Province Slogan: City of the Sea Mountain Super cold in Siam three seasons beautiful flowers aristocratic residence stable cleanliness.
24. Maha Sarakham Province Slogan: Phutthamonthon Isan civilization settlement Precious silk, Taksila Nakhon.
25. Mukdahan Province Slogan: Sky-Tall Glass Tower Phu Pha Thoep Kaeng Kabao Eight indigenous peoples famous sweet tamarind Excellent ancient drum Origin of Lam Phaya Mekong's spectacular Link Indochina.
26. Nakhon Phanom Province Slogan: Phra That Phanom is precious. Various cultures, pollen Phutai, sopa boats, beautiful eyes on the Mekong side.
27. Nakhon Ratchasima Province Slogan: City of Ying Kla, fine silk, Mee Korat, stone castle, Dan Kwian soil.
28. Nong Bua Lamphu Province Slogan: Court of King Naresuan the Great Phu Kao National Park, Phu Phan Kham, the land of Dharma Luang Pu Khao Densakaow Erawan Cave Nakhon Khuean Khan Kab Kaew Bua Ban.
29. Nong Khai Province Slogan: Heroic deeds, Luang Pho Phra Sai, Thai-Laos bridge.
30. Roi Et Province Slogan: Eleven Beautiful City Gates Famous for the name of Big Buddha, Saket Silk, Merit Phawet Tradition Maha Chedi Chaimongkol Ngam Nayon Bueng Planchai Thung Kula far and wide area The world is famous for jasmine rice tea.
31. Sakon Nakhon Province Slogan: Phra That Choeng Chum, a pair of houses Phu Phan Palace The famed beauty of Nong Han bee castle Very beautiful, Phu Thai girl place of faith in Buddhism.
32. Sisaket Province Slogan: Reverend Father To the house. Khmer castle settlement, rice, onions, good garlic. There is a garden of Somdet, Dong Lamduan District, a variety of cultures. excellent unity.
33. Surin Province Slogan: Surin, land of big elephants, beautiful silk, beautiful beads, rich castle, sweet lettuce, fragrant rice, beauty and culture.
34. Ubon Ratchathani Province Slogan: Ubon, the city of beautiful lotus flowers, two-colored rivers, with many spicy fish. Kaeng Hin Beach Thai philosopher hordes of righteousness beautiful candle Prehistoric Pha Taem wise local wisdom The land of good people monument in Sri Ubon.
35. Udon Thani Province Slogan: Krom Luang Prajak builds a city, is famous for the source of Dharma. five thousand years of civilization Thani Cloth Mee Khit Nature creates the Red Lotus Sea.
36. Yasothon Province Slogan: Muang Bang Fai Ko, sweet watermelon, Khit cloth ax pillow jasmine rice production.
37. Bueng Kan Province Slogan: Phu Thok, the source of the Dharma Para rubber cost Kaeng Ah Hong's beautiful eyes Bueng Khong Long Pleasure Seven Colors Waterfall regatta northeastern border Worshiping Luang Pho Yai The Center for the Heart of the Song Nang Court.
38. Bangkok Province Slogan: Bangkok, as the gods built, the administrative center of the city. Wat Wang Ngam Rueangrong capital city of thailand.
39. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Slogan: The old royal city, the breadbasket excellent poet Good people, Ayutthaya worthy of world heritage.
40. Kanchanaburi Province Slogan: Ancient region, Chedi checkpoint, Mani Mueang Kan Bridge over the River Kwai mineral water.
41. Phetchaburi Province Slogan: Khao Wang Khu Ban Sweets from the city of Phra, excellent art, the land of Dharma, the sea is beautiful.
42. Chachoengsao Province Slogan: Bang Pakong River, the source of life. Holy amulet Luang Por Sothon Phraya Sri Sunthon, the philosopher of Thai language Reservoir, complete forest.
43. Ang Thong Province Slogan: Phra Somdet Ket Chaiyo Big Buddha statue, brave Thai heroine, royal dolls, famous for basketry drum making Muang Song Phra Non.
44. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Slogan: Muang Thong, Nine Meat Coconuts, pineapples, beautiful, fresh, beaches, hills, caves, beautiful and generous.
45. Ratchaburi Province Slogan: Beautiful people Photharam, beautiful people from Ban Pong. dragon jar city Wat Khanon Nang Yai, amazing caves, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Enjoy a hundred million bats Yi Sok Pla Dee.
46. ​​Chainat Province Slogan: Luang Pu Sukluecha The famous Chao Phraya Dam bird park name white grapefruit, cucumber.
47. Lopburi Province Slogan: Narai Palace Shrine of the King of the City Famous Prang Sam Yot the city of cinnamon Pa Sak Jolasid Dam The Golden Land of King Narai.
48. Nakhon Nayok Province Slogan: Nakhon Nayok, a dream city near the city, beautiful mountains, beautiful waterfalls, rich nature, free from pollution.
49. Nakhon Pathom Province Slogan: Sweet pomelo, white rice, beautiful daughter, sweet potato rice. Chan Ngam Overflow Stadium Phutthamonthon Khu Thani Phra Pathom Chedi in the sky beautiful eyes of Tha Chin River.
50. Nonthaburi Province Slogan: Graceful Palace known as Somdet Suan Koh Kret, the terracotta site old temple famous non durian Ngam Nayon Government Center.
51. Pathum Thani Province Slogan: Land of Bua Luang, City of Rice, Mon people, Nakhon Dharma, Pratumnak Ruam Jai. Sod Chao Phraya advance industry.
52. Samut Prakan Province Slogan: Battle of the Navy Fort, Chedi Klang Nam big crocodile farm The beauty of the ancient city Songkran Phra Pradaeng Dried Gourami with good taste Rab Bua tradition complete across the industry.
53. Samut Sakhon Province Slogan: Fishing town, factory plantation, agricultural yard, historic district.
54. Samut Songkhram Province Slogan: City of Hoi Lot, Lychee Peak, King Rama II Memorial Park runs through Mae Klong. Worshiping Luang Pho Ban Laem.
55. Saraburi Province Slogan: Phra Phutthabat is very valuable. Pa Sak Jolasid Dam industrial production base Agriculture leads to a tourist attraction One and only curry puff with good milk The tradition of offering alms to beautiful flowers yellow sunflower fields Rumored the junction city.
56. Singburi Province Slogan: A place of brave people A pair of reclining Buddha images Notorious name: Mae La annual fish festival.
57. Suphan Buri Province Slogan: Suphan Buri, Iuthheete City Literature is named famous amulet prosperous agriculture high in history artist sage source local language.
58. Chanthaburi Province Slogan: famous waterfall, fruit city, good pepper So many gems left. Chanthaboon mat. Perfect nature. King Taksin the Great Reunited with relatives to save the nation in Chanthaburi.
59. Chonburi Province Slogan: Beautiful sea, delicious rice, sweet sugar cane, good basketry, buffalo running tradition.
60. Prachinburi Province Slogan: Sri Maha Pho house. Phai Tong Wan famous fruit Dvaravati City.
61. Rayong Province Slogan: Delicious fruit, advanced industries, delicious fish sauce, beautiful Koh Samet. Sunthorn Phu Poet.
62. Sakaeo Province Slogan: the border above the Burapha beautiful forest, beautiful waterfall with a lot of traces of ancient civilizations Thai-Khmer commercial district.
63. Trat Province Slogan: Half a Hundred Island City Precious red gems, sweet rumblings, behind the dog's saddle, the naval battle of Koh Chang, the end of the Burapha.
64. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Slogan: We, Nakhon Si Thammarat, live in the city of Buddha, believe in moral truth, do good deeds, have perseverance. Not encroaching to harm anyone, historical city, golden relics, natural succulents, rich minerals, three kings niches very wat mak art complete shrimp and crab.
65. Surat Thani Province Slogan: A city of hundred islands, delicious rambutan, big clams, egg yolks, sources of dharma.
66. Chumphon Province Slogan: Southern Gate, pay homage to His Majesty the King, visit coffee plantations, and visit Sairee Beach, good banana claws. famous bird's nest.
67. Krabi Province Slogan: Krabi, a pleasant city, lovely people, coal resources, old shells, majestic mountains, beautiful streams, rich islands, palm plantations, beautiful beaches, beautiful underwater seas, Andaman emeralds, paradise Phi Phi Island.
68. Narathiwat Province Slogan: Thaksin Rajatamnak, People Love Religion, Narathat Ploenta, Pajo Trung Jai, a great source of gold ore. Sweet Longkong.
69. Pattani Province Slogan: The beautiful city of three cultures. Excellent Halal Center people lead the faith beautiful natural place Pattani, southern peace.
70. Phang Nga Province Slogan: Ten Thousand Million Minerals, Baan Klang Nam, Ngam Ta Cave, Weird Mountains, Champun Plants, Rich in Resources.
71. Phatthalung Province Slogan: Nang Nora city, rice fields, dazzling waterfalls, water birds, beautiful lakes, Khao Ok Thalu, hot springs.
72. Phuket Province Slogan: Andaman Pearl Southern paradise, golden sand beach, two heroines, the prestige of Luang Por Cham.
73. Ranong Province Slogan: Kra Isthmus, Grass Mountain, Kayu Wan, Mineral Stream, The Real Pearl of Ranong
74. Satun Province Slogan: Satun, peace, cleanliness, pure nature.
75. Songkhla Province Slogan: Ploen Ta water bird, Samila Ploenjai two seas charm of the bridge southern country shopping center.
76. Trang Province Slogan: Generous Trang people Create good deeds, Phraya Ratsada City Generous people delicious roast pork Birthplace of rubber outstanding undersea coral charming sandy beach beautiful waterfall.
77. Yala province slogan: Southernmost Siam, beautiful border city.

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