Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi)

Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi)

Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi)

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Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi) Ban Mo, Si Chiang Mai, Nong Khai. Relics of Buddha are enshrined in this chedi which also serves as a museum.
The chedi was constructed by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand as a tribute to Luangpu Rian Woralapho.The temple is located on by the Sai Si Chiangmai - Sangkhom in Ban Mo sub-district. 
Every year in January, the temple will hold the making-merit ceremony. The atmosphere is the temple is tranquil and surrounded by the unique architecture which is Mondop Luang Pu Rian Woralapho.
The mondop has 4 entrances on each side and can be seen clearly from the outside. Visitors can enter to pay respect to Luang Pu in the Mondop. 
Moreover, in Vihanwaralapho, there is a statue of Luang Pu Rian in the sitting position. Next to the Vihanwaralapho is Phra Sutham Chedi, Wat Aranyabanpot.
The chedi is surrounded by several layers of walkways which are so high, therefore, visitors can also enter the chedi to pay respect to Luang Pu statue.
Outside the chedi is mainly painted with white and golden color but inside is painted with red and pink colour.  You can note that the ceiling is decorated with the mirrors and the mural paintings. 
The most interesting attraction is the relics of the many Buddhist saints displayed in the glass cabinet. Many daily-used items such as books and the teachings of Luang Pu are also kept here. Furthermore, visitors can relax at the pond where beautiful  lotus pond.
Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi) Map Wat Aranyabanphot (Phra Sutham Chedi) Map
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