The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla

The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla

The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla

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The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla Woen Phra Bat, Tha Uthen, Nakhon Phanom. The replica is found on the small rock near the Khong River, 100 meters away from the shore in the North West direction.
The footprint is 30 meters wide, 50 meters long and 1 meter high. The place is called Don Phra Bat. The small rock with replica footprint is 2-10 meters long and 2 meters above the water.
The human footprints are found on the top of the rock; the upper print is 55 centimeters wide and 2.05 meters long and the lower one is flat with a circle in the middle and 5 toes with the thumb at the lowest.
The replica of Buddha footprints are seen most clearly during April. Wern Pla District Administrative Organization and local people built the wooden bridge from the shore to the middle part of the Khong River to make it easier for visitors to come and pay homage to the replica of Buddha footprint.
The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla Map The Replica of Buddha Footprint in Wern Pla Map
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