U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park

U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park

U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park

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U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park Chorakhe Sam Phan, U Thong, Suphan Buri. Puhangnak, formally known as “U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park”, is a part of Pu Muang forest park in U Thong province.
Nowadays, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) , Federation of Thailand Tourism Network Associations and the owners of the area which are Pu Muang forest park and Tao U Thong subdistrict municipality have cooperated to develop Puhangnak to become one of the main tourist attractions in Suphanburi.
This stone park is the ancient natural rock garden which is not below than 10,000 million years. It is generated by lava that was eroded by sunlight, wind and rain.
After the erosion, the lava changed into several unique shapes depending on your imagination such as Queen of Nagas, three-head elephant, turtle, whale, monkey etc.  
In the park, there is also a nature trail. The distance is more than 5 km. This trail is from Pu Hang temple stay to Wat Tum Suo great mountain.
This park is very natural. When you go in there, you can feel the peace and the voice of nature. It is in the same direction as Wat Kao Phrasrisonpetchayaram and far from Suphanburi about 30 km.
In the park, you will find many strange yet beautiful stones along the nature trail. Moreover, there is also Buddha image called “Luang Pu Yai”. People can come here and pray for their good luck.
Luang Pu Yai is the Reclining Buddha and a sacred thing in Pu Hang Nak. It is situated in “Luang Pu Yai Cave” which has evidence from Tawaravadee to B.E.2513 when this place opened as a religious site. 
Luang Pu Yai cave is a hollow cave. You can see the sunlight at the top of Luang Pu. On the middle part of the Buddha image, there is a stone that looks like Hanuman.
The top part has another stone that looks similar to elephant. Unfortunately, nowadays, rain changes the direction and always moves to the face of Luang Pu.
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U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park Map U Thong Tawaravadee Buddhist Site Stone Park Map
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