Mae Nam Noi Kiln

Mae Nam Noi Kiln

Mae Nam Noi Kiln

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Mae Nam Noi Kiln Choeng Klat, Bang Ra Chan, Sing Buri. Located in the area of Wat Pra Prang (Channasut), Mae Nam Noi Kiln (or Kiln of the River Noi).
It has been the ancient monastery since the old times. Therefore, if the visitors stop by here, they can tour both the temple, and the kilns, which is really worth for tourists who love history and religion.
Mae Nam Noi Kilns can be found along 2 -kilometer bank of Maenam Noi river. They are consequently called Maenam Noi Kilns. All of them consists of more than 200 kilns, some has been dilapidated as time passes, some has been destroyed with unawareness of the authority who irrigated the canal and built up the roads passing this area.
According to the historical evidence, it is believed that Maenam Noi Kilns were built during the reign of King named “Pra Nakarin Racha”.
There are 2 assumptions regarding the potter; firstly, it could be a Chinese potter who evacuated from his homeland and settled around here, and secondly, it could be a potter from Muang Sukhothai.
Products derived from Maenam Noi are, for example, earthen sturdy four-legged jar, mortar, jar, jar with short neck, jar with short neck, earthenware steamer, lid, architectural accessories, and different sizes of earthen bullets, etc.
Apart from antique earthenware found in the area, there has been reports about a lot of earthenware found in historical sites, and shipwreck spots around the world that are assumed to be made in Maenam Noi as well.
This indicates that in the old times, Maenam Noi Kilns had reached its glorious age that it became the largest earthenware production source in the region.
However, it was later deserted. Its abandonment was assumed to be the influence of war with Burma Army. When all local people gathered to defend and fought against the enemies at Bang Rachan village, and were taken as their hostages after Ayutthaya was defeated for the 2nd time. 
Nowadays, Department of Fine Arts has already built Maenam Boi Kiln Museum. The museum comprises two connected buildings. The first building has an open vast space that covers 2 kilns, the ground around the kilns were lifted for visitors to walk.
Along the pathway, there is an exhibition for giving a brief information (both in Thai & English) regarding Mae Nam Noi Kilns. The second building displays replicas of Mae Nam Noi kilns and some examples of earthenware found in this area.
If interested in viewing additional earthenware, visitors can ask for seeing a collection which is kept in the dwelling of the chief abbot of Wat Pra Prang.
Travel: Go along the route Sing Buri-Bang Rachan-San Buri around 16 kilometers. The site is 1 kilometer away from Chan Nasut Market. There is a bus no. 605 (Route:Sing Buri-San Buri) that passes the destination.
Tel Tel: 036544557
Mae Nam Noi Kiln Map Mae Nam Noi Kiln Map
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