Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market

Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market

Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market

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Operating day: Saturday - Sunday
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market Kradang Nga, Bang Kon Tee, Samut Songkhram. Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market, the market with over 100th years of history near the Mae Klong River, used to be an active trading area in the past.
Along the riverside of the market, there are ancient wooden houses constructed more than 100 years. This market is the longest riverside market in Samut Songkhram province.
Traces of the past can be seen through the Chinese pharmacy called Tong Sua Hung, old gas station along the riverside, Ban Nai Kangwan or old mafia of Bang Nok Khwaek’s house, and the house of Apidech Sit Hiran, a Thai boxer whose nickname is the kick of Bang Nok Khwaek.
The entrance to the old market is a small alley with 2 boards wide. It used to be a pathway to opium smoking building which later became the symbol of Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market.
Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market is popular dishes include crab noodles, traditional spicy shrimp padthai, coconut shells noodles, Thai rice noodles with curry at Ban Kanom Chine, traditional dry rice recipe of Hia Kiert, butter-baked scallops, rolled wafers, Ew Kuay with salty and sweet filling, Zalacca (sweet variety) in syrup and etc.
Boat tours are available without charges at the market by “Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market” club. The itinerary includes cruising along Ratchaburi’s direction, visiting Bali-style home, feeding fish in front of the temple and seeing the ancient trees.
Also, learning about Mamung How Manow Ho in Nang Sib Song Thai tale where mangos and limes are processed into drinks with benefits of repairing the body.
Within this peaceful market, not only visitors can absorb the simply lifestyle which is passed on from generation to generation, but also they can experience many delicious foods, fun toys and local herbs and meet up with the generous local people. Visitors will feel like they have been travelling in time.
Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market Map Bang Nok Khwaek Floating Market Map
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